Although there are many VR products and brands on the market today, many consumers still look forward to Sony VR products. Sony has a weighty say in the field of head-mounted devices and combined with the unique advantages of Sony’s gaming platform, a fantastic experience is to be expected.

In early November, Sony announced that PlayStation VR2 will officially launch on February 22, 2023. They will be holding a live broadcast conference on January 5. It seems that PS VR2 will be the focus of Sony’s show.

According to information so far, Sony PS VR2 will feature an OLED screen with a resolution of 2000*2400 per eye and a refresh rate of 90/120 Hz, support 4K HDR and a slight viewing angle of 110°, and be equipped with four cameras for headphones and controllers. The infrared tracking camera will be used for eye tracking, which may offer eye control features.

It was also revealed that Sony PS VR2 will support “foveated rendering” technology, which means that the user’s vision will be clearer while the load on the gaming device will be greatly reduced. It should be noted, however, that Sony PS VR2 requires the PS5 as the computing platform. This means that users must own a PS5 gaming console if they want to experience the wonderful experience of PS VR2.

As for the price that everyone is most concerned about, the retail price of Sony PS VR2 is $549.99, which is even more expensive than the original price of PS5, so this product is estimated to be only suitable for gamers who want to get a better 3A masterpiece gaming experience via VR.

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