The year 2022 has been an unusual year, not just for the tech industry, but for most of us. We have reviewed a whole range of gadgets, and the below are our five favorites – and one we definitely do not want:

Nomvdic X300:

Our top pick, my personal favorite, is this very good-looking speaker/projector.

As for the stereo, Harman Kardon has customized and tuned the X300’s speakers. The 30W Class D amplifier works with dual sets of tweeters and woofers to deliver clear, detailed sound with powerful output volume. As for the projector, it’s very clever to put a pop-up mirror under the cover to reflect the image. This allows you to turn any surface into a screen up to 100 inches in size, even the ceiling.

X300 manages to balance its unique retro aesthetic with actual functionality, making it not only an entertainment device but also a decorative piece for your home.

Anker Nebula Capsule 3 Laser:

Anker has updated its portable projector this year. With its clear image and amazing sound quality, it easily made it into our top 5 of 2022.


Being able to switch between three different sizes, this suitcase is everything we need, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a family trip. Claimed to be the world’s first hard-side expandable suitcase, VELO’s patented expandable design makes it possible to switch between 3 sizes with the push of a button. By pressing the buttons on the top of the extra-wide pop-up handle, you can either pull VELO to make it larger or compress it to make it smaller in seconds.

HHOGene GPods:

My favorite earbuds- and the most unique – of 2022. With the sophistication of technology and the increasing homogeneity of products these days, it’s hard to find something new and truly exciting that meets people’s needs to express their unique style and personality. HHOGene GPods may well be the most fascinating new earbuds of the year.


We adore this cat litter box, both for its design and for the fact that it solves a major daily problem.

Furbulous is a smart litter box that not only automatically cleans itself, but also packs and refills the litter bag for you. The designers of Furbulous believe that automatic packing is crucial because it’s not just about providing a hands-free solution for humans, but also about creating a healthier environment for the cats that use the litter box every day.

Oculus founder’s exploding VR headset:

The entire office unanimously thought this “gadget” is the worst idea of the year – a VR set that kills you in real life if you die inside the game.

Palmer Luckey says he created the suicide machine by attaching three explosive charge modules attached to a narrow-band photosensor that can detect when the screen flashes red at a specific frequency. If the screen flashes red, ka-boom! (Or, as he puts it: “instantly destroying the brain of the user”.)

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