Quanta is one of Apple’s key manufacturers, who is mainly responsible for producing MacBooks as well as other products. Hackers asked for a ransom of 50 million dollars after attacking it.

After Quanta refused to pay them, the hackers have now started leaking stolen data hoping that Apple will decide to pay. Quanta has confirmed the attack to Bloomberg but also claimed that the attack has not significantly impacted operations. Schematics of the internals of the new iMac are among the leaks, which include 15 detailed images, they have not yet been accessible to the public.

REvil, a Russian hacker group, is believed to be behind the attack. It has a history of hacking both celebrities and other companies in the past. Also known as Sodinokibi, it is regarded as a company that operates with “ransomware as a service”.

They developed software that can lock down or steal information if the victims aren’t willing to pay the ransom. REvil recruits affiliates to distribute the ransomware for them. The affiliates and ransomware developers split the ransom payments. The group is suspected of being involved in attacks on Acer’s email servers in Microsoft’s Exchange system back in March, where they also demanded $ 50 million to unlock servers and data.

REvil is now trying their best to profit off the stolen data by threatening Apple. They’ve asked Apple to pay the ransom before May 1 and said on its blog they would continue to leak new documents every day until then.

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