Almost all of us have been affected by snoring in one way or another at some point in our lives. Either because we suffer from it ourselves or because we are suddenly awakened by our partner’s uncomfortably loud nighttime snoring. On average, nearly 45 percent of all adults snore occasionally, while 25 percent of adults say they snore regularly. Nearly 50 percent of all couples report that their partner snores – that’s a whole lot of disturbed sleep! But could The Snore Reliever Company, maker of the VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece, have developed a successful product to banish snoring nights for good?

What is snoring and why does it occur?

Snoring is caused by the muscles in your throat and pharynx relaxing when you sleep. This can cause the tongue to fall back and narrow the airway, resulting in partial obstruction of the upper airway. VitalSleep allows for an adjustable jaw and tongue position by keeping the lower jaw forward, preventing airway obstruction and thus reducing and stopping snoring.

Snoring can also have an underlying cause that the sufferer is not aware of, such as sleep apnea, excessive alcohol consumption, a deviated septum, and even your sleeping position can affect if you snore. Whatever the reasons, the good news is that in most cases there is a solution, and VitalSleep could be the remedy we have all been waiting for.

The impact of snoring on daily life

Snoring has been a major disruptor in my life for quite some time, and when I realized it was starting to affect my health and well-being, I knew I had to find a solution.

Being the main cause of my sleep problems, I had poor quality sleep. As the years passed and my snoring became more intense, I noticed that I was lethargic throughout the day, too tired to focus on tasks, and too unfocused for a good night’s sleep.

I tried a number of products to alleviate my snoring, including throat sprays, nasal strips and nasal cones, but nothing seemed to help. It got so bad that even my bed partner felt it necessary to make changes in his favor and move into the guest room to escape my incessant snoring.

I discovered VitalSleep

In search of a solution to this increasingly annoying problem, I came across VitalSleep, an innovative oral device made in the United States from medical-grade, FDA-approved, hypoallergenic materials. VitalSleep promises to help snorers and their partners sleep better. The patented design opens the airway to improve breathing, ultimately leading to snore-free, restful sleep.

It sounded like an absolute dream.

So I made the purchase. I ordered my size online and my order arrived promptly. When I received it, I was very pleased to see that you can fit VitalSleep yourself at home, unlike some other models on the market that need to be fitted by a doctor.

I followed the easy-to-follow instructions to create my custom mold. I simply heated the mouthpiece in hot water and placed it in my mouth to make a custom impression of my teeth. The patented Accu-Adjust system advanced my lower jaw so I could adjust the appliance for a comfortable and truly custom fit. I found the whole process less time-consuming than other products and should I want to make a new impression at any time, all I have to do is reheat the unit and repeat the process.

Keeping the unit clean could not be easier. I can clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste or soak it in dissolved denture tablets. There are also products available for purchase to care for the mouthpiece, including a cleaner and foam cleaning solution.

Snore-free results

After my first night with the VitalSleep mouthpiece, I knew it was the answer to my sleep deprivation problems. Not only was the mouthpiece easy and comfortable to wear, but I woke up feeling like I had slept better than I had in years. And after just a few nights, I woke up feeling more radiant, refreshed and rested.

Continuing to use the product, my sleep quality has improved significantly. I now have more energy during the day and no longer feel like I fall asleep at midday. My partner has also joined me and no longer feels the need to sleep in a separate room.

This innovative and effective snoring aid has changed my sleep for the better. VitalSleep was designed with the highest safety and comfort standards in mind to help snorers and their partners with an easy-to-use, simple solution to snoring. At less than $70, it’s an affordable price for a good night’s sleep.

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