Most people go to the gym and exercise, not because they really enjoy it. On the contrary, most of us hate the effort and boredom we have to endure to stay fit and healthy. That’s one of the reasons why you often see people wearing headphones to entertain themselves while working out. In recent years, more and more workout products and games have hit the market and some of them have become extremely popular, like Ring Fit Adventure by Switch.

However, the products we are offered on AR are still very limited and that’s a shame because AR should be an ideal platform in every way to keep exercisers engaged and entertained at the same time.

DIDIM is an AR indoor workout platform that uses the floor as a stage where users can engage their bodies in various exercises and games. DIDIM offers a variety of workouts and games that allow users to improve their health and grow mentally and intellectually.

DIDIM looks like a kiosk but is equipped with a projector, sensors and PC. The projector casts a projection on the floor to mirror the program’s screens. The sensor then picks up movement above the projection so users can tap the icons. You can think of it as a smartphone screen projected onto the floor. Within the projection, you perform exercises and play games by following instructions from the PC.

The system offers three types of training: Brain training, Fitness training, and Health games, providing different experiences for different groups of people with different goals. Brain training includes games on math, language, IQ and general brain health. Players solve quizzes and answer questions using their bodies to improve their critical thinking and intellectual state.

Fitness training involves performing fitness exercises and poses that strengthen your overall body balance, get your heart rate up and provide a solid endurance workout.

Health training includes a variety of games such as soccer games, racing games, rhythm games, shooting games and many more to keep you interested and excited. It is very popular with kids who are fascinated by the AR projectile system and like to get a good workout while having fun with the games.

The best thing about DIDIM is that you can play all the fun and exciting games and programs with your friends or players around the world! Thanks to the real-time multiplay feature, you can connect with other people over a network to play and practice together or even compete against each other in games. In addition, DIDIM also has a mobile control function.

You can connect your mobile device to the DIDIM kiosk to control the settings and programs on your mobile device. You can easily and conveniently change the settings, adjust the difficulty level, get information and select the games on your mobile device.

The system also has new training and workout programs that are constantly updated. The special service package includes 8 new contents in addition to the 55 contents that are already included in the system. There is also Circuit Training, where you can perform circuit workouts to increase your cardiovascular activity and improve your flexibility, and Theme Training, where you can select a specific situation, goal, or purpose for the workout and exercise.

To help you optimize your training plan and achieve your goal more efficiently, DIDIM also collects and analyzes your workout data to create a personalized report that includes various data, such as the time you worked out, calories burned and other helpful information to track your progress and results.

DIDIM platform offers both interactive games and customizable workout programs suitable for different ages and ability levels to have fun and get fit. They have successfully reached the goal on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter and are waiting for your support!

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