Unlike my colleague here at the office, I’ve always found the Metaverse fascinating, and when the idea of a Metaverse exhibition came up, I realized that this could be one of the best applications for it.

I have both visited and staffed several exhibitions, and know quite a lot of both the upsides and downsides of them in real life. Although you can say Playworld3D Metaverse is still in development, there are a lot of interesting features and ideas that show us where it’s going and what the future will look like.

One of the most amazing things about Playworld3D Metaverse is obviously that you do not have to be on site. An exhibition can take place all over the world, which means that transportation would be one of the main issues consuming a lot of time and energy, in addition to travel and accommodation costs. There are always customers or investors who would like to participate in an exhibition but are hesitant because of the issues mentioned, just like the organizers of the exhibition. The Playworld3D Metaverse platform is accessible through all types of devices, as you only need an internet browser, which will definitely make everyone’s lives easier.

In reality, another problem with an exhibition is setting up and maintaining your booth. If it wasn’t for writing this article, I would not remember all the annoyances. You have to print brochures, prepare gift samples, decorate your booth and display your product, etc. In some cases, you might have to arrive a week or two in advance, and believe me, even that time would involve plenty of work. (To quote Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”)

On a platform like Playworld3D Metaverse, however, all these problems are suddenly gone. You do not even need to worry about practicing and memorizing all the boring technical terms and terminologies, just have the R&D staff explain directly to customers or investors to keep the conversation simple and professional.

Besides, it is simply more convenient to demonstrate or learn all the details of products on Playworld3D Metaverse.

All you need to do is upload the files with everything you want to show and sit back and wait for people to come. I remember all the medical supply exhibitions I went to just before the pandemic. Although we put a lot of effort into the preparation, the result is not always what we want. In most cases, we ended up with a bunch of name cards, 95% of which we never heard from again.

From years of experience, I can say that there is no chance that two or three people can handle all the preparation and get the job done as well as you could in the Playworld3D Metaverse, where you can engage in conversation with a lot of people at once instead of wasting a lot of time with irrelevant people who are just pretending to be nice in order to get some souvenirs or free samples. You can prioritize and choose people based on their willingness to buy or invest without making it awkward in a face-to-face situation.

Covid has contributed to the development of a stronger work-from-home culture, so it might be the best time to promote products or attract investment online, as people are getting more and more used to it. Of course, there are also some disadvantages of a Metaverse exhibition platform that come to my mind, such as the lack of hands-on experience and the possibility of visiting another city.

Personally, I believe that exhibiting in the Metaverse will become a trend due to both low cost and communication efficiency, with the user experience becoming greatly improved in the near future as the technology matures. Playworld3D Metaverse opens a door for us to the virtual exhibition now, why not open it and see the world inside for yourself?

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