I want to start off with a few questions first: How long do your razor blades last? Have you encountered any skin issues caused by dull or dirty blades? Is it troublesome to keep your razor clean? How much you spend on razor blades each year?

I’ve struggled with razor blades going dull after just a couple of shaves. The blades are way too expensive, and using them too long makes my skin bad and gives me in-grown hairs. How do you even clean them?! If your answers are anything like mine, I may have a solution for you: the Razorbooster, a smart all-in-one razor blade cleaner and sharpener.

Let’s have a look:

It doesn’t look that fancy, but the simplest design can sometimes be the smartest and most practical.

I used to change my razor blades quite often since they get dull in just a couple of days. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who ends up using the last old blade in the pack for a long time, having forgotten to buy new ones. Annoyingly, my in-grown beard and pimples will eventually remind me it’s the time to switch. Everyone who uses razors knows how pricy razor blades are, so you can actually save a lot of money using the Razorbooster, as it maintains the sharpness and prolongs the life of the blades.

Washing razor blades under running tap water is obviously not the best way to get them clean, just like washing your hands without soap. They may look clean, but all the bacteria and germs still remain. With Razorbooster, you will get your blade as clean and sharp as new by simply placing it on the rotating rubber blades for 3 seconds after applying sterilization liquid. The liquid is powerful enough to eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses, and having a sharpened blade prevents common skin issues caused by dullness, including razor bumps, skin irritation, skin infection, in-grown beards and more. 

More details are available on their indiegogo campaign page, take a look, you may need one.

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