Those who know our website know that I am a huge cat lover. I would rather spend money on my cats than on myself. Yet, I am always buying things my cats have no interest in, or would at most try once and never touch again. As we all know, the rule in the cat world is that the packaging is much more fun than the toy inside. But the gadget I’m introducing to you today; my cats love more than anything I have ever bought them.

The gadget that turned out to be so popular? It’s a pet massager called PawzUp. My cats’ affection for this device has far exceeded my expectations: Now they even flip over bellies up when I show it to them, and even stand in line nagging for it.

This is not the first massager I have tried on my lovely cats. You know those massagers with three heads (there are lots of them on Amazon)? Although they claim to be specifically designed for pets, they seem more suitable for humans. I am the one who ended up using them from time to time and even gave one to my mom telling her a white lie that I bought it just for her.

If your pets are sensitive to noise, you need to be careful when choosing a motorized pet massager. One of the main reasons my cats like PawzUp so much is its quiet and soothing vibration sound. Even my ginger cat Leon, who is always petrified of anything that makes noise or smells funky, does well with the PawzUp, and I am pretty sure he’ll fall in love with it too if I give him some time.

Another reason that my cats and I all really like it is the compact size and ultra-lightweight. I can easily pack PawzUp in my bag when I take my cats to the vet and calm them down during terrifying trips by using it anytime, and to be honest, it even fits in your pocket without feeling too bulky. For the cats, the smaller the better. PawzUp is much less intimidating to them than other, larger massagers.

There are also five interchangeable heads for different skin types and precise treatment. They are made of food-grade silicone, so you do not have to worry about your beloved furry ones having allergic reactions or feeling uncomfortable. A single button for all functions is also an advantage when treating your pets. Moreover, there are three strength levels. You can try all the heads and levels to find out which combination your pets like the most. I am also very pleased with the battery life of PawzUp. A quick two-hour charge lasts me almost five days, which is pretty impressive considering how often I treat my cats (a lot).

All the benefits you can imagine for a good human massage apply to pet massage as well. We all know how relaxing and calming it is. Not only can it strengthen your bond with your pets, but it can also significantly improve their mental and physical health.

PawzUp is a very thoughtful pet massager that really focuses on what our pets need, rather than impressing us with a bunch of advanced features. Grab one and give your pet a proper massage – the experience will exceed your expectations!

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