A number of users are reporting display problems with Apple’s latest iPhone series. They report that the phone screen suddenly turns pink and becomes unresponsive when touched. The only way to “fix” the issue is to force a reboot and hope for the best. Several people have reported the problem both on Apple’s own discussion forum and on Reddit, but it has not been possible to nail down a clear cause for the crash.

The first report of the strange screen bug came back in October last year when a user reported that his screen turned pink and his phone crashed completely randomly. The person received a new iPhone from Apple shortly after, but several others who reported the same error were not so lucky. That’s partly because Apple believes it’s a software bug, and they prefer to fix the problem with a software update rather than handing out brand new replacement phones to those affected.

The problem seems to affect only Apple’s latest iPhone series: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini, but not the older models.

Apple has not yet officially commented on the problem or offered any official solutions. However, according to the website MyDrivers, there was a message from an Apple representative on Chinese Weibo stating that the cause was a software bug and not a hardware failure.

In the same post, the Apple representative urged affected users to back up the phone and download the latest iOS software in hopes that it will fix the problem. However, the changelog for the latest software update, iOS 15.3, does not say anything about pink screens, so it’s uncertain if Apple has fixed anything.

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