It is not so easy to find a game that all family members will enjoy. Either the game costs too much time and energy or it is just not interesting for some. That’s why I wish VariShot had been launched earlier, especially when we were stuck at home because of the pandemic. After a few days of playing, this great laser shooting game has grown on me and become part of my daily routine. I find it not only relaxing and distracting but also a very good way to focus and direct attention.

VariShot is an interactive, electronic laser shooting system with a sensor-based target that is suitable for anyone, of any age, for marksmanship education and training. The electronic target has 18 phototransistors that detect the laser beam and cause a reaction. The target flashes red and green to show you whether or not you hit the target within the set time. The rules are pretty simple, but there are five modes with different difficulty levels that you can choose for fun or for competition. I train and improve my reaction time and ability to concentrate while playing it. I am sure you would find it useful in some way too!

Before I introduce you to other features, let me assure you that VariShot uses a Class 1 laser, which is the safest level in reality, so you do not have to worry about any damage even if it comes in contact with your skin and eyes.

VariShot is battery-operated, which I personally appreciate. If you have read my previous articles, you know how much I loathe those crappy integrated rechargeable devices that fail or perform really poorly shortly after the first charge. VariShot‘s target lasts for 8 hours even on battery power, so you can have a full day of fun without worrying about recharging. Plus, the system is so compact that you can take it anywhere you want to play.

And to make sure you are not interrupted during play or practice, the VariShot target system can be controlled remotely by simply shooting the two function buttons to select different modes, and restart or pause the game. I found this particularly useful, as I always lose the feel of shooting as soon as I move or hold my gun in a different position. This way you can keep the game going without having to run back and forth, which I hate when playing darts.

Most people who like shooting games prefer a more authentic gun, even if it’s just in a game. That’s why VariShot has tried to at least replicate and match the feel of pulling the trigger and aiming.

Just like real pistols, the trigger is set at 4.4 lbs (2kg), and the front sight is also precisely aligned with the rear sight, so you can aim comfortably and accurately. I do not want to promote the use of pistols, but it’s always good to master a technique even if you do not really need it in everyday life, and it’s definitely easier for people who have practiced long enough with VariShot to switch to a real one.

VariShot has a firing range of up to 10 meters and a precision value of 0.5 mrad, which is what we call the concentricity of an everyday pistol at the range, to keep deviations from the original trajectory within reason and provide a better experience. The team also included an Allen wrench in the package to easily adjust the laser beam to your preferred stance and grip.

I know VariShot may look and sound too simple for some of you, but it has really brought a lot of fun to my family. Every time we have guests over, VariShot is the most popular drinking and betting game, and I have been asked to borrow it a few times by my friends, and many of them are considering buying it once it hits the market. VariShot has been a huge success on the crowdfunding page with more than 200 backers and do not hesitate to get one for yourself!

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