Graphene… It’s a material we’ve all heard mentioned, but one few know much about. Graphene is a special form of carbon, a sheet, or monolayer, of atoms (yeah, it’s actually just carbon, but then again, so is diamonds). Now that we have a rough idea about graphene, how can we use it in our lives? Its usage in energy storage might come to your mind, as in batteries. Yes, graphene is commonly being used to boost not only the capacity and charge rate of batteries but also the longevity.

I bet few of you would have thought “graphene jackets”, but as it turns out the material has been brilliantly used by Gamma in their new jacket. After doing a mountain trek using Gamma, I wanted to introduce this practical and comfortable graphene-infused heated jacket to you as well!

I like traveling light, and even more so when mountain trekking. I usually wear multiple layers to keep myself comfortable, by putting on a layer or taking one off. What I don’t like is the fact that unnecessary clothes occupy the limited space of my backpack, and adds extra weight during my trip. With a weight of less than 500g, Gamma solved this problem and offered me more. I kept it on the whole trip, it’s absolutely one of the best mountain jackets I have ever tried. It’s wind-resistant and 100% waterproof, I don’t need to elaborate how important these two features are in the mountains with their unpredictable weather. The company claims that Gamma is totally scratch-proof and puncture-proof, and while I didn’t poke it with any sharp objects intentionally I did not find a single scratch on it after tumbling through rocks, shrubs, and tree branches.

What makes the jacket even more brilliant is that it comes with built-in heating elements! In order to have a full experience of the built-in system, I tried all three temperature settings using my power bank as an energy source. The warmth comfortably enveloped my entire upper body in a very short time, the three heating elements (one on the back, two near the front pockets) evenly distributed the heat and kept me comfortable throughout a windy and rainy afternoon.

I also love all the clever, little touches they’ve added to Gamma: adjustable hood and waist drawstrings, built-in fingerless gloves, Velcro cuffs, and a high neck, all the better to ensure comfort and to protect the wearer from the elements. Ten pockets exceed all my storage needs, they are extremely convenient while traveling, you can keep everything you want within a touching distance.

Judged as sportswear, Gamma’s performance also exceeded my expectations. The linchpin for activewear is comfortability, and after jogging with it on a mild day with a temperature around 75°F (24°C), I think Gamma nailed it! I felt quite fresh and dry, just like they boast, not the sticky and sweaty feeling you get from most shells, rain jackets, or winter coats. Gamma expels heat and wicks moisture to keep the wearers cool. Graphene has another benefit I haven’t mentioned yet, it’s anti-bacterial and locks in odors, so you won’t have to worry about this jacket stinking up the place!

One might be surprised to know that Gamma is also 100% machine washable! Keep in mind that there are no electrical parts or batteries in Gamma, so you can wash Gamma like a normal jacket without any risk of damage.

Overall Gamma has a swath of intriguing and practical features, it all adds up to make a great jacket for all-time use. Now, I only have one question to ask Wear Graphene, the creators of Gamma, are you guys are working on matching graphene pants?

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