There are many robot building kits on the market specifically designed for building and programming robots. The latest system to cross our path is Maunzi.

When I received the email from Maunzi, the first thing that came to my mind was: When did I stop playing with toys? When I was a kid, I could not afford the robot toys I was so crazy about because my allowance was only enough for a few snacks. I do not know when I lost interest in toys or when I started getting busy with other things in my life. And now when I look around, many people still have a passion for them. Then I realized that toys are not just for kids anymore. It’s a great time to live and escape from the adult world and just enjoy pure happiness.

What makes Maunzi special is its modular design and 100% compatibility with Lego. The dynamic modular design allows children or adults to build their robots by simply plugging together the modular cubes they need. The cubes can be connected together without wires, so you do not have to worry about complex circuits. You can also use the large selection of Lego bricks to complete the design.

There are four types of cubes that work cohesively. If we think of the whole system as a human, the window cube is like the brain that receives and executes the movement commands from the software. The sensor cube would be the eye, it detects the environment and reacts accordingly. For example, it lights up in the color it sees. It can also allow the robot to follow the path of a line drawn below it. The charge cube is like blood and provides energy for the movements. The action cube is like limbs and joints that allow the block robots to move more vividly.

Depending on your preference, there are several control options for you in Maunzi. You can program through Maunzi LAB, which gives you an easy introduction to programming and true Android JAVA. Of course, now you will wonder if it is not difficult to assemble and control Maunzi robot, because it consists of codes and cubes with different functions. Maunzi LAB makes it fun to build robots and learn programming at the same time. With the remote control feature in the Maunzi RC app, you can control your robot in real-time. You can even use your voice to give commands.

With Maunzi you can create your own robots and control them as you wish. Besides having fun playing, you can also learn about programming. Once assembled, the cubes can be controlled with the accompanying app. There are also a number of programming tutorials that teach programming concepts from beginner to advanced.

Click here to learn more about Maunzi and build your own robots!

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