A hammock tent is not something new. As a personal owner, I’ve been using my Hennessy Hammock tent for the past 2 years. It allows me to pack lighter (vs. having a tent in my backpack) while avoiding sleeping on hard ground.

Haven tent caught our eyes for its unique design.

It addresses some of the complaints I have with my hammock tent. Haven said the company went for a “suspension bridge” design. By adding internal spreader bars, it allows the tent to have an open interior space.

The design offers more stability to the tent. Haven took advantage of the structure by offering easier access for the user and letting the occupant see what’s outside the tent. It would also allow you to sleep on your side in a hammock.

Haven tent also comes with an air mattress, which in our opinion is unnecessary and uncomfortable, but it does offer better insulation by adding another layer of air. If you plan to camp somewhere cold, this could come in handy.

Haven said the tent is waterproof and bugproof. It weighs around 6 pounds in total. It has a weight capacity of 280 lbs (127 kg)

You would have the option to keep the rainfly open and have an open view of what’s going on around you.

The tent is selling on Kickstarter for $285. However, like any project on the platform, you would never know what and when you would get the product. So I’m hanging onto my Hennessy for now.

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