Patti Baumgartner

A photo of Patti Baumgartner recently went viral, when she was spotted in her neighborhood in Polson, Mont, pretending to hold a radar gun.

Baumgartner uses a white hairdryer to trick drivers into slowing down.

“There are a lot of people that are complaining that they can’t walk or ride their bikes. I wouldn’t even attempt riding a bike around,” Baumgartner told the local news station.

Her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Recently, the state of Montana named her an honorary Trooper.

“She’s doing something for the community and, as she says, she’s got grandkids in the area,” Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Noah Pesola said. “So she’s doing something for her grandkids’ benefit. The best thing I could think of was to give her a trooper hat and a badge to make her look a little more official.”

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