Tesla model B is a futuristic electric bicycle concept in every detail, as it combines the flexibility of bicycles and the efficiency and safety of cars.

Tesla Model B

Tesla is aiming at accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric vehicles, solar and integrated renewable energy solutions. In response to this cause, Tesla has cooperated with a creative young designer –Kendall Toerner to bring out Tesla’s first electrical bike, fully equipped with its advanced technologies.

Tesla Autopilot

As bikes are more vulnerable in the face of cars, pedestrians, and obstacles. The designer deployed the idea of safety, efficiency, and intelligence of Tesla vehicles, in designing this bicycle.

Model B’s has a sleek frame and comes with multiple sensors that scan the surroundings of the rider.

Integrated screen display

Unlike other bikes, the handlebars don’t independently rotate, instead, they can detect the force you apply on a particular side.

Like every other Tesla vehicle, it has an autopilot feature with the help of sensors and an integrated screen display to maneuver and navigate the bicycle more safely.


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