Hip’Safe developed a product that claims to prevent hip injuries. However, it is an unlikely solution to a serious problem.

The Hip’Safe is an airbag attached to your hip that gives you some extra cushion when the impact happens.

Aside from it seems to use the same logic of “Jansporting” (A college trick, using a backpack to prevent a drunk friend from falling asleep on its back, choking on vomit), there are still a lot of reasons why it probably won’t be effective.

Most hip injuries are not related to the impact. Low bone density or severe impact like a car crash are the leading causes of serious hip injuries according to the Mayo Clinic. It is a serious problem for people with advanced age, as it could lead to a higher mortality rate due to inactivity.

For many, the fall happens as a result of a stress fracture of the hip, as opposed to the result of a fall.

Although Hip’Safe’s idea is fun to look like, but it won’t likely prevent anyone from hip problem any time soon.


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