Getting the right light for your home is a difficult job. Solatube is a system that directs sunlight in indoor areas. That gives your home a natural feel.

Solatube directs sunlight into the room by Solatube

It uses a tubular technology with highly reflective material to direct sunlight into the indoor area. Unlike traditional skylight technology, it works like a regular light, you won’t need to open up a large portion of your roof access the natural light.  It also offers a controlled lighting. Solatube uses lenses to filter out harsh summer light and keep the unwanted heat out.

However, for Solatube to work, you would need a small portion of your roof to install a leak-proof unit to set up the system, and you would still need to the traditional electric lighting when there is no light out. The Solatube has add-ons to allow users to integrate conventional lighting into the system.

If used correctly, you can reduce 80 percent of electric lighting during daylight hours. It would work even in lower light conditions.

To find out how much it would cost for your home, click here

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