Developing a successful jewelry brand takes years. TOTWOO is a company trying to break into the market through a different angle by adding tech to their jewelry collection.

One of the features that sets TOTWOO’s product apart is the interaction feature. Their collections vibrate and light up in response to the user’s physicality. Two connected users can share their “virtual emotions” in real-time, by linking their devices through the TOTWOO App. The company does it by adding a five-millimeter smart core to their jewelry. They claim the extra hardware allows them to integrate AI, AR, touch sensor, triaxial sensor, waterproof technology, BLE technology and the same wireless charging technology that Apple uses into their jewelry.

TOTWOO was founded in 2015 by Jieming Wang and jewelry designer Marco Dal Maso. It is a marriage of fashion design and technology. The company said they would still put design as the priority, and develop  “jewelry first, then wearable” product.

“Jewelry evokes special moments and memories of life, and our technology has just made this more accessible. Smart jewelry should not work purely as a high-tech gadget, but also helps to convey in interactive physical form human emotion, like love, luck, blessing, which is very personal and close to the wearers,” said Wang the CEO of the company.

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