PLP is a London based architecture firm often propose some unusual ideas.


They proposed a one-kilometer tall building with the elevator system on the exterior of the building.

PLP claims their dynamic scheduling system will make the system more efficient than the traditional system while keeping the building safe.

This won’t be the first time someone tries to build a 1km tall building. The Jeddah Tower in Dubai, which stands more than one kilometer is scheduled to be finished by 2019.

What set this building apart is its elevator concept.  In the proposal, the building features a dynamic elevator scheduling system. Instead of using an elevator shaft, the pod would take the passengers directly to their destination. Essentially, it would function as a highway system.

However, it hasn’t seemed to work, and the problem is quite obvious. The slightest error in the system would cause a catastrophic result since the passways are shared by multiple pods going on possible different speed.

In the event of a natural disaster, the wear and tear of the pods would be difficult, dangerous and expensive to fix.

For now, we are sticking to the internal elevator shaft.


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