Vortex is a device that uses the vibration instead of blades to generate power.

Spanish startup Vortex is working a bladeless device as an alternative to blade wind farms. Traditional wind turbines are effective. However, they are also costly and difficult to maintain.

To keep the wind turbine work smoothly, workers have to deice and complete mechanical work in high wind situation.

Noise pollution and moving blades can lead to casualties in the bird as well. ovacool estimated in the U.S, wind turbines kill between 20,000 and 573,000 birds per year, and drastically reduces their habitats.

Instead of using rotational power, Vortex uses carbon fiber material to capture the wind, and lateral motion will generate power.

The system is 30 percent less efficient than the traditional design. However, it makes up the loss by offering easier maintenance and lesser environmental impact.

The company is going to start its pilot program in India in 2019.

Vortex said they are working on a version for consumers targeting a release date late 2019. It will be priced similarly to a solar panel at around 350 euros.

As another hurricane is about to hit the east coast of the U.S, scientists think 50 percent of the power of hurricane Maria might be the result of global warming.

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