Yes, we have another fly car. Terrafugia’s flying car/plane is set to be ready for consumers by the end of 2019.

The design of the Terrafugia Transition seems closer to that of a small airplane with a pair of foldable wings. It almost seems like the company tried to will a plane into a car.

The Transition would use electric engines, and it can fly about 400 miles per charge.

The prototype uses a runway to take off and land that rule off any urban usage.

The driving mode is closer to a small airplane taxiing on a runway on three wheels.

The company did not say how much it will cost, and we can’t say for certain if the company can keep its promise for the delivery date.

It’s impossible to see who would shell out money and adopt the transition for practical use. However, it’s foldable wing design could set a precedent for the future flying car design.

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