Google nest

A couple in Milwaukee came home to a surprise when they found out their smart home system was compromised by hackers, according to Fox 6.

The hacker turned the thermostat to 90 degrees and played vulgar music, the couple said.

Samatha Westmoreland and her husband spent $700 installing the Google Nest system.

When she came back to a blazing hot house, she assumes the system had a glitch. Westmoreland tried to reset the temperature, but the thermostat continued to return to the 90-degree setting.

Not until the hacker began talking to her through a smart home camera in the kitchen, did she realized her house was hacked.

“So I unplugged it and turned it facing the ceiling,” Westmoreland said.

However, the hacker managed to continue to control her house even after she changed her password.

Google said it is unlikely for someone to hack into their device with the two-step authentification.

The couple said they believe someone hacked into their wifi system. After changing their network ID, the hacking stopped.

Google Nest is amongst one of the first smart home eco-systems. Google announced the company would stop working with third-party API providers in 2019 due to privacy issues.

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