Finding a sustainable source of energy is one of the most important challenges that the world is facing today. Rapid depletion of exhaustible resources like petroleum and coal is destroying the ecosystem by generating carbon into the atmosphere.

This way we may run out fuel very soon in the near future. In order to ensure that the world does not descend into a complete blackout, we need to come up with inexhaustible energy resources which do not harm the environment. 

A company in Istanbul is doing just that.




Deveci Technology Inc., a company based in Maslak, Istanbul has come up with a unique and eco-friendly energy platform called ENLİL. ENLIL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project that draws wind energy from highways and transforms it into a usable power source. 


ENLIL is striving to provide freedom from traditional energy sources by placing the hybrid vertical axis wind turbine which has a solar panel on top, on highways, Metrobus-Lines, high-rise buildings and on other transportation lines. 


The turbine has in-built sensors and helps generate energy by using the winds created by passing vehicles as well as natural airstreams.




ENLIL turbines are multitasking pieces of technology that utilizes existing infrastructure. They have a built-in IOT platform which measures the temperature, humidity, wind and CO2 levels of the environment where it’s placed. 


It has an earthquake monitoring station as well which will help provide information in advance about any seismic movement that may cause earthquakes, thus providing ultimate safety and security to the inhabitants of the area. 


The recording made by ENLIL can help predict weather and provide wireless internet. It can also help check the carbon footprint by keeping track of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. <o:p></o:p>

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ENLIL is helping build smart cities of the future thanks to its team of talented engineers and environmentalists. ENLIL will soon launch its own mobile app to provide data about the readings recorded by the wind turbine.





Users can access the information any time by downloading and installing the app on their mobile phone. <o:p></o:p>

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A Project like ENLIL will not only benefit Istanbul, but also inspire the rest of the world to switch to sustainable energy sources, by providing a reliable and safe alternative power resource. 

That’s what we need to save the planet and build a better future for the coming generation. <o:p></o:p>

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