Taking your adventure on the road and to new levels is now possible. No more traveling next to stinky dirty friends or with dusty muddy gear. The times of camping and feeling grimy the next day are over. Portable showers have been around for a while but they are so heavy (who wants to carry gallons of water around), wastewater, and are usually cold.

The Geyser system changes all of that. It works with only one gallon of water and will have you clean in 7 minutes. Geyser offers several flow rates which help to optimize the use of the one gallon of water required to use this system. If you are only cleaning gear enjoy up to 15 minutes of use. Only one gallon of water. This is what sets Geyser apart from other portable showers available. Water is not wasted. With the ability to adjust the flow based on what you are washing the valve allows you to use up to ten times less water. That’s a huge difference.<o:p></o:p>


No more cold showers either! You can plug the Geyser into your cars 12V DC power supply. No car, no problem! It is also compatible with one deep cycle battery available on Amazon. Your water will be hot in as fast as 5 minutes. The Geyser even has sensors which stop heating when the water reaches 35C so you don’t waste your batteries. The Geyser itself is small and compact. It won’t take up much space in your vehicle or pack. It only weighs 6 lbs so it won’t weigh you down either.

There are three easy steps to get the Geyser up and running. The first step is adding a gallon of water, then connect to 12V DC and then add your Geyser scrub. Turning on the Geyser or the heating function simply needs you to push the on button and that’s all.

The Geyser is built for adventure with durable and materials but should you need a new scrub there is no problem to order a new one.

Stay clean on your adventures for only $195 USD.

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