My dad wears a hearing aid. He lost some of his hearing with age.  I cant speak for others but I can say that my dad’s hearing aid is a constant struggle for him. The hearing aid picks up all kinds of noise that he doesn’t want to hear. It also makes its own sounds sometimes, like a metallic banging, and is uncomfortable. He often complains and can get a headache from wearing it.  The part that even I find annoying for him is replacing the battery. They are so small – tell me how should a 75+ year old man handle such tiny batteries?<o:p></o:p>



I can’t wait to tell him about the Eargo.  The Eargo is unlike any other hearing aid currently on the market. Firstly it is designed to be invisible. Those around you wont even notice you are wearing a hearing aid and they are so comfortable you might even forget you have them on.  The patented Flexi Fibers, made out of medical grade silicone, shape themselves to your ear canals which is what helps them be so comfortable and feel so natural.<o:p></o:p>

Another great feature of the Eargo is that there are no tiny batteries to replace. The Eargo is rechargeable. The batteries last all day so you will never have to excuse yourself from your social gathering to go and replace batteries that have run out. Without having to purchase and replace batteries all the time the Eargo also helps you save money.<o:p></o:p>



Those patented Flexi Fibers we mentioned are the secret to these amazing hearing aids. Since they don’t plug up your ears they let air flow in and out of your ear canals which lets your ear breathe. This just adds to the comfort we were talking about. As the Flexi Fibers only suspend the Eargo in your ear natural low frequencies are allowed to pass through. This way Eargo will concentrate on mid and high frequencies which provides a nice mix of ambient and amplified sounds.<o:p></o:p>



Unlike behind the ear devices which amplify the sounds all around you Eargo will only amplify the sound in your range of sight. No more wondering who is talking to you and amplified background noise you don’t want to hear. Eargo has 4 different sound profiles to make sure that you can find the one most natural sounding profile to you.<o:p></o:p>



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Better hearing can be yours for $1,950 USD.<o:p></o:p>




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