1. Gay dating app is accused of leaking

Gay dating app Grindr has been accused of
sharing data with two external parties. On Monday, it emerged the app had provided information on HIV status, including date last
tested. Grindr has defended itself after outcry over the data leak. However, people still request further response from the firm. 

2. Five national healthcare providers
launched a blockchain program 

Five national healthcare tycoons are
launching a blockchain pilot program with an aim to improve data quality and
reduce cost. A growing number of researchers and companies are finding that
blockchain, a permanent, openly accessible record of transactions, can make
sharing and accessing data more efficient. 

3. Zuckerberg responses to Cooks accusation

Apple CEO Tim Cook maybe be
unfriending Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after
he finds out a new interview Zuckerberg did with Vox.com.
In the just-published interview, Zuckerberg responds strongly to Cook’s
criticisms of Facebook’s business model. The friendship between Zuckerberg and Cook tumbled after Cambridge Analytics data scandal.  

4. We should not fear for AI

Fewer people’s jobs are likely to be
destroyed by artificial intelligence and robots than has been suggested by a
much-cited study, according to an OECD report. An influential 2013 forecast said that about 47% of jobs in the US in 2010
and 35% in the UK were at “high risk” of being automated over the
following 20 years. But the OECD puts
 US figure at about 10% and the UK’s at 12%. Even so, it
says many more workers face their tasks significantly changing.<o:p></o:p>

5. Spotify to be listed in NYC soon 

Shares in the music streaming firm Spotify
will be publicly traded for the first time later when the firm
debuts on NYC. The flotation marks a new transition for the
firm, that, after 12 years, has not yet made a profit. Spotify’s listing, predicted to value $20bn, 
is unconventional: it is not issuing any new shares. Instead,
shares held by the firm’s private investors will be made available.

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