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Green grass lawns are a beautiful addition to any home or public areas like schools or parks. But maintaining a lawn can be quite a tiresome job. A lawn needs regular maintenance i.e. mowing and mulching, which requires both time and manpower. Here is where the Spidermower comes in. 

The Spidermower is a remote controlled automatic grass cutter and mulcher which can cut sparse and short undergrowth as well as thick heavy brush. It is a highly productive device which has been specially built to work on rough and uneven landscape, replacing multiple specialized mowers. The Spidermower can cut brush up to 8 Feet tall on slopes of up to 55 degrees. The Spidermower alone can perform the work of around 15 workers with brush cutters or a tractor with a boom mower without any human assistance. The patented drive system of the Spidermower enables it to automatically turn the mower, position it in line, or mow around obstacles. It provides superior quality cut and brush hog, all with the touch of a button on the remote. It is high on safety as it enables the user to stay away from the working area; from undue noise and vibrations. The hydraulic winch in the machine helps stabilize it while working on slopes.

The Spidermower has the following specifications and functions: 

 • The Spidermower is fully remote controlled and automatic. 

• It can produce superior quality flat cut grass.
• It can cut & mulch in any direction. 

 • It can cut grass up to 8 feet tall.

 • It can cut on steep inclines and rough hilly terrain, on slopes of up to 55 degrees. 

• The remote control range of the Spidermower is 300 Feet, thereby allowing the user to control it from a distance. 

• Weighs 134 kilos and has a speed of 4 km/hr.

The Spidermower is available in three different models along with a trailer for moving the Spidermower:

 The Spider ILD01 

The Spider ILD02 

The Spider Mini 

The Spider Trailer for moving the Spidermower. It comes with extendable ramps and built in tie downs.   



The Spidermower was first developed in the
year 2003in the Czech Republic. It is rapidly replacing traditional grass
cutters all over the world and is currently being used in almost 50 countries
including the US. The Spidermower is priced at around 11000$ in the US. <o:p></o:p>



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