LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it has successfully completed the development of its 27-inch 480Hz QHD Gaming OLED display and prepared an official showcase for CES 2024, opening a new era of OLEDs featuring ultra-high refresh rates.

LG Display’s latest Gaming OLED display leverages the company’s unique OLED technology, which allows each pixel to emit light independently without a backlight unit, to deliver an unprecedented 480Hz refresh rate, immersive QHD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution, and the fastest response time (0.03ms) of any panel on the market today, combining to realize the optimal gaming experience for avid gamers.

The display’s 480Hz refresh rate represents its ability to generate 480 images per second. A higher refresh rate is considered a crucial element in gaming monitors as it makes gameplay smoother and clearer, even during rapid screen transitions.

LG Display’s Gaming OLED displays offer enhanced image quality through the company’s cutting-edge ‘META Technology,’ which crucially incorporates a ‘Micro Lens Array (MLA)’ to maximize the emission of organic light from the OLED panel and minimize external light reflections during darker scenes.

The company’s Gaming OLEDs emit the lowest level of blue light in the industry and approximately half the amount emitted by premium LCDs. This reduction in blue light not only minimizes eye fatigue but also eliminates flickers, providing gamers with more comfortable and enjoyable gaming sessions.

LG Display is set to launch the 27-inch 480Hz QHD Gaming OLED display during the first half of the year. Meanwhile, the company will unveil its full lineup of Gaming OLED displays in sizes 27, 31.5, 34, 39, and 45 inches at CES 2024 as it announces its entry into the high-end gaming display market.

LG Display’s Gaming OLED displays in the 30-inch range are the latest additions to the already impressive lineup. Most notably, the new 34- and 39-inch Gaming OLED displays offer an ultra-wide (21:9) aspect ratio for an immersive gaming experience, while the 31.5-inch panel supports a UHD (3840×2160) resolution that makes it suitable not only for gaming but also for office work and content consumption.

“To strengthen our leadership in the high-end gaming display market, we will continue to harness the power of OLED’s distinctive qualities such as ultra-high refresh rates, fast response times, and perfect black for next-level viewing experiences,” said Won-seok Kang, Vice President and Head of the Large Display Product Planning Division at LG Display.

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