The recent Pokémon Presents event brought exciting news for Pokémon fans: The Pokémon Company revealed a number of announcements, including a new Netflix show, expansions for Scarlet and Violet, and the release of a new product- Pokémon Go Plus+.

The Pokémon Go Plus+ is an enhanced version of the original Pokémon Go accessory and a must-have for avid Pokémon Go players. The device works seamlessly with Pokémon Go and the upcoming Pokémon Sleep. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to sync with your phone without draining its battery.

If you have never heard of Pokémon Sleep, it’s a game app that offers more than just monitoring your sleep. If you hold down the center button and place the device next to your pillow, it can record your sleep habits, which are then fed into the Pokémon Sleep app. There’s also a Pikachu inside the Pokémon Go Plus+ that can help you sleep by singing and waking you up with an alarm. Over time, Pikachu becomes friendlier and makes more sounds. “Depending on how well you sleep, you can collect more Pokémon to complete the Sleep Pokedex!” Nintendo’s marketing also suggests.

In addition, Pokémon Go Plus+ device allows players to rotate PokeStops and automatically throw Poke Balls, including Large and Ultra Balls, without having to constantly stare at their phone. It also allows players to perform special research and catch rare Pokémon like Snorlax, which wears a nightcap.

If you are looking to purchase Pokémon Go Plus+, you’ll want to complete your pre-order as soon as possible. The release is scheduled for July 21, and pre-orders are already sold out at two retailers.

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