Have you ever wondered what your pets are up to when you’re away or how your elderly parents navigate daily activities? Picture having a virtual assistant that not only assists with household tasks but also roams your home ensuring safety. If these scenarios resonate with you, meet EBO X – an advanced smart home robot positioning itself as your family’s guardian.

Enabot, the creative force behind EBO X, specializes in crafting robots that foster connections among loved ones. EBO X, the flagship of their EBO series, which includes models like EBO Air, EBO SE, EBO Pro, and EBO S, emerges as a versatile three-in-one device incorporating a mobile home bot, a 4K stabilized camera, and a high-end speaker. Integrated with Alexa, it responds to voice commands, providing users access to a myriad of smart features.

With a focus on home and pet monitoring, elderly care, and security, EBO X employs V-Slam navigation and AI face recognition to map and traverse your home, engaging with various individuals and pets. Its 4K stabilized camera, equipped with night vision, facilitates real-time communication through the EBO Home App. Moreover, boasting a premium speaker featuring Harman AudioEFX, EBO X delivers superior sound quality.

Setting itself apart, EBO X incorporates unique features such as an elderly fall alert system, notifying users in case of a fall, and a sound detection feature alerting users to unusual noises. EBO X can detect if your child is crying or if anyone at home is calling for help, triggering an app call to you. You can then talk to them and see what’s happening through EBO X’s camera and speaker. Additionally, you can set a medication reminder task for EBO X in the EBO HOME app, and it will find the person by facial recognition and remind them to take their medication by voice.

EBO X also facilitates instantaneous two-way communication. Whether you’re away and eager to connect with your loved ones, or if your family members are at home with EBO X and wish to contact you, communication is made easy through the app. Users can engage in conversation through voice commands, making it particularly advantageous for households with individuals who may face challenges in texting or calling via mobile devices. Additionally, leaving a message for your family is simplified – you can transmit a text through the app, and EBO X will not only convert it into a voice message but also identify the appropriate recipient and vocalize the message to them.

While EBO X presents an innovative solution for those seeking connectivity and care for their family and pets, concerns about data privacy and security arise. Questions regarding how Enabot safeguards user information and video footage from potential threats warrant clarification. Additionally, uncertainties surrounding battery life and durability, as well as compatibility with other smart devices and platforms like Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or Samsung SmartThings, need addressing.

EBO X, with its promise of enhancing life quality, is undoubtedly an exciting product. However, addressing potential challenges and risks is crucial for it to gain widespread trust. Enabot’s ability to meet these challenges will determine EBO X’s journey to becoming a mainstream and reliable household companion.

Launched on Kickstarter in March 2023, EBO X received overwhelming support, reaching its funding goal within 24 hours and accumulating over $1 million in total. As of the publication date, the EBO X is available for purchase at $999 on the company’s website for a limited time, or at $1099 on Amazon.

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