We have reported on many car concepts on our website in recent years, the large majority of which fail to come to fruition, for all sorts of reasons. The market is the final decider for most concepts ending up in production, although there’s been a few pet projects for or by the crazy rich. For us normal customers, it is hard to imagine customizing a car to fit our needs and desires as well as our budget. Instead, we have no choice but to choose from what the market offers, which is dominated by profit-oriented car giants. Consequently, there is often a big gap between what people want and what manufacturers offer.

I am sure you’re all familiar with RC cars, the ones with a proper engine running on nitro, often enjoyed as much or even more by dads? You can assemble every component yourself, including the chassis, battery, engine, and wheels.

Project bt Team ALL IN 3.0 in DeAuto Hackathon

Project bt Team ALL IN 3.0 in DeAuto Hackathon

The community called DeAuto, which we want to introduce to you today, has a similar idea, but with actual mass-produced cars – and much more. They offer a blockchain-based platform where users can define and design their own vehicles based on the PIX skateboard chassis platform to quickly realize the car based on top of the shape, function, and application scenarios. In addition, the current automotive design and manufacturing technologies centered on AI algorithms—AAM, RTM, and large-scale metal 3D printing, have transformed automotive design and production from traditional standardization to diversification.

DeAuto, a decentralized Robo-vehicle community, is also working toward the goal of establishing a creator economy that works in the physical world: Innovators can reap the continuing benefits of sales and the economic incentives of communities through contributions by making the protection of rights and contributions on the creative end visible and traceable with their name on their work.

As WEB3 technology develops, the decentralization of how cars are produced, manufactured and owned will begin to take shape. The contributions of creators and developers will be recorded in the Web3 technology chain, cannot be tampered with, cannot be deprived, innovation will be protected, while the blockchain will record your contributions from design to development to client, and motivation will take place at every step.

To encourage more developers and users to learn more about DeAuto, the community hosted the first DeAuto car-designing hackathon. Let us take a look at some of the work done by pioneers from around the world:

By Team Project Horizon in DeAuto Hackathon

By Team NEBULAS in DeAuto Hackathon

By Team Omega in DeAuto Hackathon

One of the works, “Pix L7” by Team Pixel, was even put into production to connect the virtual world with the real world:

They are currently hosting the second DeAuto hackathon “I, Game & Robot”, a game design hackathon with the goal of achieving “Technological Democratic Innovation” by simultaneously connecting it to real-world car design and manufacturing.

At Gigadgets we are always amazed at how creative people are, and one of our main goals is to make these innovative creations and ideas available to more people. We think this might be of interest to some of you. There are four different challenges for all types of participants, whether you are a planner, artist, designer, web3 developer, or other innovators. If you are interested, you can join this 6-week Robo-vehicle customization game now through their official website. 

Personally, I think customization is going to become a trend after seeing all the successful products that have addressed it, which also reflects that our desires have already evolved quite differently nowadays compared to what they were like five years ago. I like the idea of the DeAuto community because it challenges the traditional mode and even drives the whole industry forward by creating some competition and giving it some excitement.

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