Remember the dispute between Google and Apple over the “blue and green bubbles” in messaging? That’s because Apple’s iMessage messaging service makes sure to color messages from Android users green. In addition, iMessage has several features that only work when the messages are sent between Apple devices. This has ensured that the “blue bubbles” in iOS have almost become a status symbol among youth.

During the Code 2022 conference in Beverly Hills, California, Cook said RCS was not something they wanted to spend time or resources on. His relatively obvious proposed solution was that anyone who has a problem with it should buy an iPhone instead (of course…). The problem with making iMessage fully compatible with RCS is that Apple wants to sell more iPhones. Since the “blue bubbles” in iMessage are so “important” to so many young people (which is ridiculous), this could create a strong incentive to get an iPhone.

There are major differences between the two platforms, especially between the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Apple CEO Tim Cook just made it clear that he is not interested in improving the situation by introducing RCS (Rich Communication Services) in iMessage – a messaging standard that the Android camp believes would solve a number of problems.

These include a significant loss of quality when sending photos or videos between iOS and Android. For its part, Google believes that Apple discriminates against Android users because they would rather stick to their outdated technology than support RCS. That’s why Google has set up a dedicated website on the subject, hoping that Apple will change its mind.

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