Samsung, known as one of the best screen manufacturers in the world, is experimenting with an extra-wide screen with larger areas and tighter curves, called Odyssey Ark.

It’s a monster monitor that offers a 1000R curvature and a rotation feature. Now, usually, 55 inches is a reasonable size and not a monster at all – mind you, if it’s a TV. But this is a PC monitor that you’ll usually want to sit relatively close to, and with 55 inches to play with in both width and height, you have a number of configuration options.

Although the panel itself measures 121 x 68 cm and the screen is relatively fast with its 165 Hz. Samsung recommends a minimum distance of 80 centimeters – that’s probably far enough away that your neck will not jolt even when using it in portrait mode. Of course, it helps that the screen is curved so much. 1000R means that the screen would have a radius of one meter if it moved in a full circle. In other words, we get a real “panoramic view” here and opportunities for good immersion if we can use the full width.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark has its own solar-powered remote with a scroll wheel, the Ark Dial. This should make it easy – or at least easier – to quickly adjust the screen for different games or applications.

Also, of course, it’s not like you have to fill the entire screen – in practice, it’s like a flexible “wall” that lets you set up anything from a 27-inch to a 55-inch. It depends on whether you want a 16:9, 21:9, or 32:9 width-to-height ratio. In addition, the screen can also be used as a regular smart TV. It features the Tizen operating system and supports both apps and SmartThings.

If Samsung is to be believed, there is not much to complain about in the picture itself. The panel is of the matte variety, but behind it is what the company calls “Quantum Mini-LED”, which offers up to 600 nits in normal use or HDR 2000 when it suits. For gaming, HDR10+ is supported, and FreeSync Premium Pro promises a fairly stable display of the computer-generated environment.

There is also the integrated sound, which comes from four speaker elements – one in each corner – and two centered bass elements. Together with Dolby Atmos, this will hopefully provide decent sound experiences. Other details include the fact that the screen has four HDMI 2.1 ports, rather than a single DisplayPort.

We have learned from Samsung that Odyssey Ark will be officially unveiled today Monday, August 15.

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