I think every cat lover has considered using a litter box robot at one time or another because keeping the litter box clean is a far less enjoyable task than keeping the cats happy. I am a tech geek, but when it comes to my cats, I’ve had plenty of concerns and worries that have kept me from trying out or switching to a robotic litter box. If you open Amazon and search for litter boxes, you will find hundreds of results for all types of products, from small to large, cheap to expensive. This technology is nothing new, but why are some cat lovers like us still hesitant to choose one?

For me, who suffers from claustrophobia, most robotic litter boxes are out of the question because of their closed and, at least to me, scary design. No matter how safe they claim to be, I need to see with my own eyes that my cats are 100 percent safe when using them, not to mention the creepy blades and rotating drums that some of the devices have. That’s why Popur X5 stands out to me from all the other robotic litter boxes we have looked at. Thanks to the open design, you can always see what’s going on.

Popur X5 uses a double box system to separate the main box from the waste. This has three main advantages that I think are worth mentioning here:

1) The entire litter box area stays cleaner and more manageable. You can clean both the inside and outside surfaces with simple wipes, as there is an open channel with no hidden corners or blind spots.

2) Thanks to the separate compartments, the cuboid litter box provides a larger litter area measuring 24 inches (61cm) diagonally, making it big enough for nearly all cats, even Maine Coons.

3) You do not have to throw away the waste bag every day. The sealed waste bin, which can hold all of a single cat’s waste for three weeks, seals the waste bag tightly to eliminate almost all unpleasant odors and prevents erosive waste from damaging the robot’s sensors and metal parts.

Of course, as a self-cleaning litter box, Popur puts safety first. With its SuperSense detection and pinch-free mechanism, the risk of injury is properly eliminated. The cleaning process starts only when no cats are present. Thanks to Popur X5‘s modular design, cleaning and maintenance are effortless: filter, liner, fence, waste bin, and other possible accessories such as a cat monitor, scale and petcam can be easily replaced and customized. The DuoTilt™ cleantech of the Popur X5 tilts the tray to sift the litter, then sifts again by subsequently tilting the filter to dispose of the waste. This technology helps Popur prevent litter loss regardless of size or quantity, deal with loose feces and minimize dust to keep the box clean 24/7.

The LED screen is definitely the icing on the cake for me in terms of design. Simple but clear, you can see the status of the unit at a glance, and the cat emoji always makes me smile. There’s also a companion app that lets you know when the waste bin is full and the bag needs to be replaced. You can start the cleaning cycle remotely and change its settings in the app.

For cat lovers and cats who are sensitive to noise, Popur X5 operates at about 40 dBA at a one-meter distance, so it’s barely noticeable further away. The Pro model is also equipped with an accelerometer for full box detection, an ozone generator for air purification, and a UV light for disinfection.

Popur X5 is a self-cleaning litter box robot with two containers, suitable for cats of all sizes. It offers cat lovers a new experience of litter box cleaning. Thanks to the dual box system and DuoTilt technology, the entire unit stays clean and fresh while requiring little maintenance. As you can see from the 1500 backers on their Kickstarter page, I am not the only one excited about it. Click here for more details and secure one before the campaign is over!

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