If you already find Facebook’s Messenger chat annoying then prepare yourself for more of it, as Facebook has started rolling out emojis with sound… Those of us who thought MSN Messenger’s “nudge sound” was a thing of the distant past will just have to get used to the fact that the annoyances of the early naughts have been brought back in a “fancier” version.

The unofficial holiday “World Emoji Day” is celebrated on July 17, and on that occasion, Facebook introduced us to what they call “Soundmojis“. I struggle to think of anyone who might actually want them – perhaps 9-year-old kids (who shouldn’t be on Facebook in the first place), or grandmothers who got their first computer at 70 – but the fact no one wants it certainly never stopped Facebook before!

Emojis like crickets, drum beats, clapping ⁠, and evil laughter ⁠will get accompanying audio clips. There will be video snippets and short audio clips available from artists such as Rebecca Black and from TV series and movies such as F9, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Bridgerton. Facebook will keep adding more Soundmojis over time, so there should be something for everyone to loathe.

If you’re weird enough to actually want this crap, you’ll find them by opening a chat in Messenger, press the smiley face and there should be an option for Soundmojis. Soundmojis seem to be rolling out globally although not everyone is seeing the loudspeaker icon just yet. Update your Messenger to the latest version just to be sure.

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