If you like art on your wall you will probably like Scribit. With 2 nails on a wall and an outlet for power, Scribit could turn a design on your phone into drawings on your wall. The machine can also erase the drawing on demand.

However, it comes with a price. Needless to say, Scribit is not much of a competitor in terms of pricing compared to a blackboard and a bunch of chalks. It sets its price at $449 and currently offers a discount so you can get it for $399 on IndieGoGo.

Scribit comes with a selection of markers. You have to be careful to match the material of your wall. Some are erasable on a regular painted wall, while almost permeant on a glass one. Also, you will have to tolerate a robot sitting around your wall art along with the power cable.

Overall, it is a very effective tool to draw art pieces. It could keep customers coming back just to see what’s on the wall for today.

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