Apple released a new generation of iPhones at its annual hardware event. The key iPhone 11 series takeaway is better cameras throughout the line. Aside from adding more cameras, Apple improved image processing capabilities, offering better low light performance.

However, Apple didn’t choose upgrade the lighting-port instead to an USB-C port as rumored.

iPhone 11 is the successor of the popular iPhone XR, which became the bestselling phone in the world in 2019.

Apple improved the XR in almost every way with this update, including adding a better camera system, a faster CPU, a sturdier design, more colors, more battery life, and a cheaper price tag than when iPhone XR was first released.


The most significant upgrade for the iPhone 11 is the camera system. It has an additional 12MP ultra-wide camera, an updated software interface, and a night mode for better low light performance.

Apple added a 13mm equivalent f/2.4 ultra-wide lens in addition to the 26mm equivalent f/1.8 regular lens. This allows you to have a 2x optical zoom for iPhone 11.

The ultra-wide lens will give you a 120-degree field of view, which is an interesting range for landscape photography.

iPhone 11, landscape photo

The new interface will let you see what is not in the shot when you are using the main regular camera.


The 12 MP selfie camera can shoot slo-mo video and support 60 fps at 4k resolution.

Apple added the night mode to boost low light performance. Apple will use machine learning and a video and photo analyzing engine to process better image quality.

iPhone 11 night mode



Apple kept most of iPhone XR’s design and made a few small but noticeable upgrades.

Apple didn’t upgrade to an OLED display. iPhone 11 will use the same 6.1-inch LCD display as its predecessor.

As a long time user of iPhone XR, my venture into the “case free” lifestyle resulted in a completely shattered screen after a 2-foot drop from my pocket to the floor. The glass back design makes the phone more vulnerable in day to day usage, and Apple is asking hundreds to fix it.

shattered iPhone XR

Apple said iPhone 11 will have “the toughest glass ever in a smartphone.” However, the emphasis is on “glass.” We will only find out how if it is more durable with another accidental drop.

iPhone 11 will come in six colors, including purple, green, yellow, black, white, and red.

Processing power

Apple upgraded the iPhone 11 to its latest A13 Bionic processor, calling it “the fastest CPU in a smartphone.” Apple demonstrated the upgrade by giving a gaming demo with heavy graphics duties.

Additionally, the iPhone 11 will come with better Face ID that could offer better user experience for face-scanning.

Apple said iPhone 11 would have “all-day battery life.” The phone does come with a bigger battery, and it will have an hour more battery life than its predecessor.

Pricing and Shipping

You can pre-order the iPhone 11 from September 13th. Shipping will start on September 20th.

The basic 64 GB iPhone 11 will sell at $699.

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