Sony’s new Wena Smartwatch Strap is designed to convert your watch into a smartwatch. It has an OLED screen that provides basic smartwatch features like fitness tracking, contactless payments, and phone notifications.

The straps are designed to fit onto your watch. Image via Sony
The wrist straps that are designed to fit onto your watch. Image via Sony

Wena Wrist Active is a wristband that tracks your steps, heart rate. Also, it has a built-in GPS. The watch syncs your health data with Apple Health or Google Fit too. It will show you how far you’ve walked, how much calories you have burned.

Just strap on and get notifications and updates through an OLED display.

The strap weighs 85 grams. Packed with an OLED display, the Wena can be attached to any watch as long it fits between 18 mm to 22 mm. There are five options of Sony Wena face design to choose from.

Sony Wena Wrist Pro
Sony Wena Wrist Straps lets you keep your traditional watch, and offers smart convenience at the same time. Image via Sony

The Wena Wrist Active silicone strap has two different strap styles designed for fitness fanatics. The Wena Wrist Pro metal strap sets the OLED on the underside of your wrist, showing two lines of text. The 20mm Wena Wrist Pro comes in both silver or black.

Simply scan via the NFC and you’re done.

With the NFC contactless payment system in place, it lets you pay at retails outlets or restaurants by simply scanning. When you connect it to a phone via Bluetooth, you also can customize the notifications with seven different colored-LED lights and vibrations.

Would this be the good way to revolutionize the industry? Image via Sony

Sony said the Wena Wrist is a standard replacement strap for high-end watches. The Wena Wrist Pro Smartwatch costs £399( $530), and £349($464) for the Wena Wrist Active Smartwatch.

U.S availability is yet to be confirmed. Visit the product page here for more. 

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