Navigating the urban landscape involves a lot of driving around and trying to find a parking spot. But the concept of a micro-urban vehicle has failed over and over again. From the 1964 BMW Isetta to the 1985 Replica Cursor, we can fill an entire junkyard with failed microcars.

1962 BMW Isetta at an auto show By Tony NDH

Microlino is the lastest contester trying to make micro-vehicle happen. We couldn’t help but wonder what led to the downfall of its microcar brothers and how would this electric car is different.

Since the beginning of the history of automobiles, cars have been more than just a practical tool to get you from point A to point B. Cars reflect the owner’s personality.

People who buy beat-up used Honda civics often have to endure constant jeering from friends and strangers.

Imagine picking up your date in one of these tiny cars. And God forbid if the owner ever has to give more than one person a ride.

The two-seater Microlin can perform respectably for its size. It has a maximum speed of 56 miles per hour and a range of 125 miles per one charge.

It would take four hours to charge with a standard charging socket and one hour with a Type 2 connector. The car measures at 7.8 feet and weighs under a thousand pounds.

It is lighter than the latest smart model and has a slightly longer torso.

Microlino sells at $14,000. We can’t imagine why people would buy this when they can buy a decent used Honda Civic for cheaper or pay a little more to get a new Mercedez smart.

If you are interested in using it as a toy car, for the $14,000 price tag, you can get a train of golf carts or ATVs for ten times the fun of an electric motor.

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