Keeping your gadgets charged on a camping trip isn’t easy. Especially if you are bringing your cameras and drones and camping lights. BossWatts’ portable charging station is great for that, but it might not worth the price tag.

Overall, BossWatts has an attractive product. It has one of the most compact setups for a solar power station in the market for its 100W storage size, measured at 16 inches times 11 inches, about the size of a small laptop. It also offers the most diverse charging options.  It has a built-in power pack with USB C ports, 12 volts barrel socket, and 120 volts AC outlet. The only set back might be its weight. When it’s fully charged, the setup weighs around 6.25 pounds, which you will definitely feel on a hike.

However, when we start to look at similar products, it just doesn’t worth the $325 the company is charging on Kickstarter for very little extra.

For $250 less, you can get a very similar charging solar panel for $75. Unless you bring your laptop on a camping trip, most of the electronics nowadays, you can charge it with a USB port, including cameras and drones. And most people don’t need the 100W storage size.

For us, we would still save some money and get the cheaper model, or just bring an extra charged power bank on your trip.


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