This is something we expect to see in Drake’s house. So you are living the high life and in need of a statement piece in your house. Donald Trump’s solid gold toilet aesthetics just doesn’t appeal to you. The $4620 floating machine should be high on your list.

The aptly named “Making Weather” is a prototype you can get to boost up your ambient quality in your house, and it also could do more than just looking cool.

Developed by Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev, Making Weather uses magnetic components to keep the cloud looking structure afloat about one to two inches off of the oval shaped base. The “cloud” can perform movements to mimic the real thing in your living room.

The system also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker and reactive LED lights.

You can control the entire system via their app.

For now, we are not willing to shell out $4620 on a speaker yet and would stick to our JBL speaker and lava lamp set up, but if you need to make it rain with this fancy speaker you can get it from here 


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