Craig Chaytor wasn’t a VR expert. In fact, Chaytor was a chef in the UK who discovered VR only A few years ago at a mall.

It was seeing how his daughter, Imogen, who was born with Williams Syndrome, adapted to the VR headset that motivated him to learn how to create VR content and give his daughter the adventure she deserves.

With a 360 degree camera, Chaytor started his journey of creation. So far he produced a series of videos of different themes including underwater experience and space exploration. 

Chaytor said it brought tears to his eyes seeing how it helped his daughter go on adventures with the VR headset. 

His eventual goal is to bring book and tech together and help children to experience a new world via a VR headset. He founded the I.M.M.E project which stands for imagine making memories everywhere to reach beyond his own family to make more content for more people. 

The project is currently raising fund on gofundme, you can find out more information here.    

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