Over the years, Boston Dynamic has always been a reliable source of viral videos, and recently they just revealed a robot that does more than backflipping.

The company dubbed the Atlas as the world’s most dynamic humanoid. The five foot eight, 180 pounds stocky fella can zigzag through an obstacle course like a trained special force soldier.

The Atlas Parkour running through an object by Boston Dynamic

The purpose of the development is to understand how to connect the controls on complex machines and also to create an impression on what robots can do. It’s safe to say the Atlas is now better coordinated than some humans.

The battery-powered robot has taken a leap in its performance and has moved beyond jogging and performing backflips. In the video, the robot can leap over a log and skip between platforms of different heights without breaking its pace. Atlas can gracefully zigzag its way up a series of vertical objects measuring up to 16 inches high as it navigates the challenges of the obstacles in a course with great precision in its movement. It uses visible markers on the approach to hit the terrain accurately.

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