Firefighters have one of the most dangerous jobs. One misstep could result in fatal accident fatal. C-THRU offers a solution that gives firefighters extra help with vision in the fire and smoke.

C-THRU added an overlay on the helmet to help firefighter to understand the surrounding environment. The thermo-optic camera would pick up data and transfer back outside of the dangerous area. The rendered result would be transferred back to the helmet.

The helmet doesn’t add a lot of additional weight and could be put on within seconds. It is crucial for firefighters and first responders to get ready fast, and C-THRU could achieve that. However, it is uncertain how stable the connection would be in real firefighting scenarios.

According to the tests conducted by the brand, C-THRU could get to the victim in a firefighting situation 167 percent than before. It can certainly offer additional support for them if the helmet could be proved to be able to consistently withstand extreme situation.

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