1. Barack and Michelle Obama move to producing 

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama recently signed a deal with Netflix, agreeing to produce shows, documentaries, and TV programs that focuses on inspirational stories and ordinary people’s lives. In an age where people battle for big IP, Netflix seems to be the overachiever in the game. 

2. Microsoft is moving towards AI

The acquisition of Semantic Machines by Microsoft is designed to bolster not only its digital voice assistant Cortana but also social chatbots like Xiaolce, which has had up to 30 billion conversations across China, Japan, US, and Indonesia. 

3. Mark Zuckerberg is heading to EU

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing at European Parliament will be live streamed for all the world to see. The Facebook CEO last week agreed to talk with EU lawmakers about potential impact of his mammoth social network on elections in Europe. 

4. Amazon is creating a new APP, not for consumers

Retail giant Amazon is building a new APP specifically helping professional sellers to do better with their business. It launches to sellers starting Monday, according to the company statement. This new APP will include tools to handle pricing, inventory, advertising, and other needs for pro sellers. 

5. Apple is dropping price for its cords

Apple recently dropped the price of its lightning to USB-C cable in Apple store, which is sure to be a good news for Apple fans. Consumers have been complaining over the exposes on Apple cords for a while, and many wonder who would be the next? 

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