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If you are confused by the title of the article, then don’t be.  The ConferenceBike is not a joke. The ConferenceBike or CoBi-7 as it’s known as is an innovative new way to bring people together. The CoBi-7 is a circular seven-rider cycle which was initially designed by the internationally renowned artist and inventor Eric Staller. Wondering how the whole thing works?

Well, the CoBi-7 is pedaled by seven riders sitting in a circle. One person is responsible for steering while the other 6 pedal or choose not to, as the bike moves smoothly along.<o:p></o:p>

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The CoBi-7 is gaining popularity around the world and is being used for a variety of activities in 18 countries. It is used as a tour bike in Berlin, Moscow, Budapest, Baltimore and San Francisco; for corporate team-building in Copenhagen and San Diego, for biking by blind people in Dublin and Florida, a human-powered bus in Germany and a vehicle to transmit people at theme parks in Japan and Spain.

ConferenceBikes are also interactive exhibits at the Jerusalem Science Museum and Pavillon des Sciences in France.<o:p></o:p>

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They have also been used for fund-raising events and by biking promotion groups all over the world. The CoBies are being used by employees of Google for transportation around the campus in California and also at various universities around the USA, such as at Vincennes, Stony Brook and Alfred, as a part of student orientation. ConferenceBikes have become a symbol for bringing people together and a powerful tool for a variety of group activities.

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The CoBi is more than just a bike. It is one of the most unusual yet innovative ways to bring people together. Riding on the CoBi has a delightful effect on people. By giving unadulterated joy to all its riders, the CoBi lowers inhibitions, acts a as an ice breaker and helps strangers find instant connection between themselves. Staller believes that the CoBi has will be everywhere in the next 2 years. Our modern lifestyle inhibits us from meeting new people and getting active and this is why Stellar feels that we need CoBis more than ever. <o:p></o:p>


Riding the CoBi can be a great way to get fit and be active while spending time out of doors. It is especially beneficial for the elderly and for people with disabilities. With the CoBi we can break down barriers and be more social and accept other people. CoBi is a step in the right direction towards a happier and more harmonious society.<o:p></o:p>

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