Have you thought about the prank that you are playing on your friend on this April fools day. We have compiled a list of selections of gag gifts and pranks, that will surely annoy your friends. Get these products now.  

1. Remote Control Fart Machine 

 This remote control fart machine is just what you need to pull the perfect prank. It’s easily concealed under chair, table, couch, curtains, virtually anywhere, and you can let loose 15 different farting sounds from up to 100 feet away. Buy it here.

2. Light Sensitive Sound Box 

Light Sensitive Sound Box is one of the best prank gadgets to scare kids or irritate adults. You can hide the box in one’s bedroom, and watch or listen as the gadget makes a barking sound or something more sinister than that. The most irritating thing of course is the fact that the noise stops when they turn on the light to hunt for the source, making it hard to locate without a good flashlight. OK, childish, we’ll stop now. It costs just $7 in the market. 

3. Phantom Keystroker 

One of the best prank gadgets for coworkers is the Phantom Keystroker. It may look like a harmless flash drive, but it’s actually a devious contraption of unlimited office-based torture. It simply makes random mouse movements, turns on/off the Caps Lock, and types out odd garbage text and phrases. Your hapless friends will think their computers have been possessed or that they accidentally downloaded malware. Get it from Think Geek for just $10. 

4. Wrong Number Generator 

As the name suggests, the Wrong Number Generator simply makes the victim’s phone call the wrong number. The reason behind this gadget is that it’s designed to annoy several people and even more for they would not realize that it is a prank for a long time. In fact, it could be used to fool people all across April or even longer! You can purchase it for $89.  

5. Mentos Geyser Tube 

Remember what happens when you drop a Mentos into a 2 liter Diet Coke bottle? Things will become crazy around you. This is where Mentos Geyser Tube, a device that helps deliver the payload easier – and safer – by the pull of a remote string. Play a prank this April fool’s day with this product and scare your friend with it! Get it for just $6 from this store.

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