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Beaches are one of the most polluted places. Beach waste constitutes both organic and inorganic material. Things like plastic bottles, food packets, discarded fishing equipment, animal and plant matter are some of the things that litter beaches. Tourists, shipping vessels, fishing equipment, are all responsible for littering and polluting beaches.

The collective waste from public beaches can weigh millions of tons and cause irreparable damage to aquatic life and the environment. Therefore cleaning up the beaches is a measure which is necessary to combat pollution and save marine life.

<style> </style> H. Barber & Sons Inc. has been manufacturing Beach Cleaning Machines for more than fifty years. Their products are the most widely used beach cleaning equipment in the US domestic market and the international beach cleaning appliance market. They produce various kinds of equipment for cleaning and litter collection.

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The Surf Rake is a tractor-towed beach cleaner machine which is the fastest and most efficient on the market. They are extremely popular in a large part of the world. The Surf Rake line of sand cleaners are the most versatile beach cleaning equipment available on the market. The Surf Rake uses the ‘top-down’ cleaning method of tine raking and leverages Barber’s patented perforated conveyor system, to remove a variety of unwanted materials from sand.

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The Surf Rake can collect litter; remove seaweed, Stones, rocks and shells. It can cleanup oil spills, dead fish, coral and goose droppings. They can also clear up grass and groom fields. <o:p></o:p>

The Barber Sand Man 850 is compact, self-propelled, and hand-maneuvered sand cleaner that is effective for removing debris from small sandy areas, regardless of location and space restrictions. The Sand Man’s vibrating screen sifts a variety of rubbish from sand and soil, ranging from tiny fragments of glass to larger sticks and shells.

It has independent steering breaks and is exceptionally useful in tight areas, like playgrounds, golf course bunkers, and small resorts or lake-front beaches. The machine rests on high flotation rubber rear tires that allow it to travel easily over grassy sidewalks without any damage.<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>The Sandman TT and the Barber Radius uses the same technology as the Sand Man 850 but the former utilizes tractor power and uses a hydraulic dumping mechanism. The latter has the advantage of a tighter turning radius, which proves especially helpful when removing stone and debris from golf course bunkers.

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