HomeBiogas 2.0 is not a typical gadget and you won’t come
across it often.  But it’s the kind of
gadget that does great things and everyone should have one. HomeBioGas is
helping fight climate change. It can turn your food waste and animal manure
into energy. It reduces your carbon emissions by 6 tons annually! Imagine the
impact that could have if this became mainstream.<o:p></o:p>

One kilo of your food waste, things like meat, dairy, vegetables,
and oils, can make up to 200 liters of biogas which is good for about one hour
of cooking. HomeBiogas can make up to 3 hours of cooking gas in a day even
though you can give it up to 12 liters of food waste a day or 36 liters of animal

The HomeBiogas sits comfortably in your backyard and can be
used in most climates. Optimally it works best in places where the average day
and night temp are 20C but should you live in a place where it gets colder then
that there are different solutions to continue using it. Like for example
placing in a greenhouse or adding a heater.


The gas produced by HomeBiogas is extremely safe. Much safer
than using a propane tank because it’s stored in a soft case and not compressed,
which means it also only stores a small amount. 
So, no need to worry when setting it up near your home. Set up is easy
and won’t take you more then an hour. There are a few parts that need to be
connected and you need to fill up the digester with water and after that you
are ready to go.<o:p></o:p>

All you need to do is throw your waste into the opening and
it will fall directly into the digester tank. The sun will get the bacteria present
in the tank to break down the garbage and produce biogas. The biogas is then
collected in the gas tank and stored at low pressure. A pipe can bring the gas
to your stove. And voila you are cooking on clean biogas and the leftover waste
can be used as a natural fertilizer for your garden. Suddenly you are living much
more sustainably. And if this wasn’t enough to sway you – you can save up to $300
USD yearly on cooking gas and fertilizer<o:p></o:p>



You can do your share in saving the planet for only $520 USD<o:p></o:p>

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