Twitter not going to ban Trump

Twitter says it will
not ban Trump or other world leaders on its platform because “censoring
them would hid important information people should be able to see and
debate”, argued the company. 


Big tech firms join lawsuit against FCC

The Internet
Association, representing tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and
Twitter and other major players, joined an existing lawsuit against FCC to
restore net neutrality as an intervening group.


VCs cashing out Uber shares

Various investors
are cashing in their stakes at Uber. Benchmark Capital, one of Uber’s round a
investors, will sell 14.5% of its holdings, bagging $900 million; Google
Ventures, the VC under Alphabet will also take home around $350 million for its
14.5% of their stock; Menlo Ventures and First round will join the wave and
cashing out significant percentage of their shares. These sales will be part of
SoftBank’s deal to invest in Uber at a lowered valuation of $48 billion of the


Uber scored 4 billion rides in 2017

Uber had a pretty
good report card in a turbulent year, powering over 4 billion rides worldwide
in 2017

10 defining moments of CES history

 CES 2018 is just
around the corner. 
Engadget takes you through some of the most defining moments
of CES history. 
Click to find out the 10 years that forever changed tech’s
biggest trade show. here for details.

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